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Welcome to the Current Events page. This is the page to visit if you are interested in seeing photos and reading about all of our various activities for the upcoming year. Below is where you will see individual pages for each of the kids school and sporting events for the year...
  • Drew - Go here for all of Drew's school and sporting activities for this year.
  • Jayden- Follow this link for all of Jayden's various school and sporting activities.

...and this section is where you can find information about the activities that we have participated in this year as a family. Enjoy!

  • Christmas - 2021- This link will take you to our belated 2021 Christmas celebration of the Peters family on January 11th.
  • Walt Disney World- Here is where you can see pictures from our various trips to Walt Disney World throughout the year.
  • Chalk Festival- Go here to see pictures from our visit to the Chalk Festival in Venice on April 2nd.
  • Michigan Trip- Click here for pictures and information from our trip to Michigan.


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