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    Here are the photos from our Walt Disney World vacation, which we took in May. We decided to go because once Tyler turns 3 we have to pay for his ticket and we had leftover tickets from our last trip. We also took Tyler's cousin Adam with us, and Tara's mom and step dad met us down there.

    Also, if you are interested in what we did on our vacation, feel free to take a look at our vacation diary.

Official Disney Photos

All of us at Chef Mickey's Restaurant, where we had a character breakfast. Here is Adam and Tyler posing with Mickey at Mickey's Toontown Fair.
Our Disney Photos
A view down "Main Street U.S.A." Adam & Tyler sitting in the chair at "Mickey's Country House".
Tyler & Adam with Pluto. Tyler & Adam hugging Minnie Mouse.
Tyler & Adam with Minnie Mouse.
Adam & Tyler with Chip & Dale.
Another of Adam & Tyler with Chip & Dale. Adam & Tyler with Mickey Mouse.
A view of the "Magic Kingdom" from the "Ticket and Transportation Center". Adam with Goofy at our character breakfast at "Chef Mickey's".
Tyler & Adam with Goofy. Adam & Tyler with Pluto at the breakfast table.
Adam & Tyler with Chip. Adam & Tyler with Mickey Mouse.
Adam & Tyler with Dale. Tyler with Minnie Mouse.

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