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Here are some pictures from this Halloween...


Samantha, Donovan, Tyler, and Skyler in their costumes. Another picture of the kids, this time trying to sneak some candy.
One more picture of the four of them. Erica, Donovan, Terry, Sam, Skyler, and Tyler.
Donovan, Terry, Samantha, Skyler, Tyler, and Gary.

Here are the pictures of our house decorated for Halloween...

Halloween Decorations

Our front porch during the daytime. A wider view of our front porch.
The north side of our yard. The south side of our yard.
Skyler, Tyler, and Samantha sitting on the porch at night (with flash). The kids on the porch at night (without the flash).
Another picture of the kids on the porch. One final picture of the kids.
Our house  from a distance. Our house from across the street.


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