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Here are the pictures of our trip to Toronto, starting with our dinner at the CN Tower on Saturday...

Dinner at the CN Tower

A view of Toronto from the CN Tower.
This is the theater where the Toronto Symphony Orchestra plays. This is the hotel we stayed at, the Royal York.
Another view of the city. A look East at the railroad tracks and expressway.
Another picture of our hotel, with the train station across the street. Another view of the tracks and roads.
The Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Raptors basketball team. Tara in the 360 restaurant at the top of the CN Tower.
A building with a pretty cool park above the parking garage. A view of the harbor, with Lake Ontario in the background.
Another harbor view. A view of a marina and and amphitheater.
Some islands that form the harbor.
The airport that is on the island. A look West at the railroad tracks and expressway.
The SkyDome, home of the Toronto Blue Jays I liked the tunnels between the buildings in this picture.
This is a view down through the glass floor in the CN Tower. A look at the SkyDome through the glass floor of the CN Tower.

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