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Here are some pictures from Easter...

Egg Hunt at Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry's

Samantha seeing how many eggs are in her bucket. Samantha on the run for another egg.
Tyler looking for eggs while Donovan picks one up. Tyler finding an egg.
Erica walking with Donovan while looking for more eggs. Sam getting ready to add another egg to her basket.
Donovan, Tyler, and Samantha after all of the eggs were collected.

Our Easter Finest...

Tyler and Samantha. Another of Tyler and Sam.
Tyler, Sam, Donovan, and Rodney (trying to convince Donovan to stay put). Another one of just Tyler and Samantha.
Samantha showing off the dress her Grandma Terry made for her. Donovan and Rodney waiting for dinner.

Using the Easter Presents

Samantha and Tyler showing off a new baseball glove (and an old one). Sam and Tyler being silly (as usual).
Tyler getting ready to throw while Sam looks down. Sam and Tyler making out?!? - Not sure what is going on here, but it looked funny.
Rodney and Samantha awaiting a throw from Tyler.


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