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Here are some pictures from this Halloween...

Halloween at Crossroads Village

Tyler getting his knight costume on prior to leaving. Samantha (as Princess Anneliese) and Tyler.
Adam (the ninja), Veronica (Princess Erika), Tyler (the knight), and Samantha (Princess Anneliese). The girls costumes are from the Barbie movie "The Princess and the Pauper".
More pictures of Adam, Veronica, Tyler, and Samantha.

Halloween Night

Samantha and Tyler in town visiting the local merchants.
Marissa in her duck costume with Grandpa Gary. Sammy and Tyler ready to go.
Donovan in his Dracula costume. Sam, Tyler, and Donovan ready to walk out the door.
Grandma Terry and Marissa saying goodbye. Sammy trying to catch up for more candy.
Donovan and Tyler after receiving some candy. Tyler in the costume Donovan originally chose (it's hard to tell, but he is jumping).


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