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On January 23rd at 12:34pm, Tara and I welcomed the newest member of our family to the world. His name is Andrew William, although we will be calling him Drew. He weighed a healthy 8 lbs 8 ounces, and was 22" long.

Andrew "Drew" William - January 23rd

Drew with his Mom after delivery. Samantha and Tyler checking out Drew.
Sam and Tyler holding Drew for the first time. Drew with his Dad and Tyler.
A couple of close-ups of Drew's head and hair. The line on his head are from the plates in his skull slightly overlapping for delivery. They disappeared by the next day.
Drew with his Grandma Gail. Drew with his Grandma Terry.
Tyler with his chocolate celebratory cigar. Drew with his Grandpa Gary.

The 24th was check out day from the hospital.

Drew - January 24th

Drew in the basinet waiting to be taken home. Tyler standing next to Drew in the basinet.
Tyler, Rodney, Drew, and Samantha at the hospital. Sam and Tyler with Drew in his car seat before leaving the hospital.

Bath time... (and no, not his first)

Drew - February 8th

Drew in his bathtub. Sam helping give Drew a bath.

Drew was laying on the couch with Tyler and Samantha today...

Drew - February 26th

Tyler and Sam laying with Drew on the couch. Drew on the couch without his brother and sister bothering him.


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