Drew's Baptism

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Drew's baptism is the only one for which we actually remembered to bring our camera with us. He was baptized on May 21st at St. Rita's church.

Andrew William's Baptism

Father Dave making a cross on Drew's forehead while Tara holds him. Drew having the water poured over his head.
Father Dave, Tyler, Rodney, Tara, and Drew. Father Dave holding the baptismal candle.
Drew's godparents, Becky and Jeff with their son Thomas, and Tyler looking on. Tara holding Drew with Rodney watching the proceedings.
Rodney, Tyler, Tara, Drew, and Samantha in the church. Rodney, Tyler, Samantha, Tara, Drew, and Father Dave.
Rodney, Tara, Drew, Becky, Jeff, and Thomas. Rodney, Tara, Drew, Becky, Jeff, Thomas, and Father Dave.
Rodney, Tara, and Drew. Drew, Becky, and Jeff.
Drew's baptism cake made by his godmother, Becky.


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