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Of all of the TV shows that I have on DVD, Tyler and Sam have really enjoyed The Dukes of Hazzard. There was a special feature on the season two DVD about an event called Dukesfest that takes place annually in Bristol, Tennessee. When we found out that this years event occurred on the weekend of Sam's birthday, we decided that we had to try it out.

We had an uneventful trip down, leaving home around 9:00 and arriving at our hotel in Bristol, Virginia around 10:00 at night. The following morning we got up and went to Bristol Motor Speedway, where the Dukesfest was held. While there we saw several General Lee's, including a few that were actually used on the show. We also got to see some drag racing, as well as the inside of the speedway. Although several former actors from the show were there, we didn't wait in the long lines that were there for them.

Dukesfest 2005

A Hazzard County cop car and a General Lee washing up before the show. A General Lee in the parking lot of our motel in the morning.
Tyler and Samantha in front of a General Lee. Samantha and Tyler in front of a sheriff's car.
A Pontiac Fiero painted as a General Lee. The famous "00" car from an early episode.
Tyler with a Beetle painted as a General Lee. The crowd and autograph lines.
Another picture of the crowd. Tyler, Sam, and Rodney with the General Lee.
Tyler, Sam, and Rodney with the General Lee. Tyler and Samantha inside of a bounce house.
Another of Tyler and Sam bouncing. A local kid looking for the A-Team festival?
Tyler and Sam climbing in an obstacle course inflatable. Sam at the exit of the obstacle course.
Another view of the crowd, with the Drag Strip in the background. A man that looks like Enos from the show.
Bristol Motor Speedway. Another cute local couple.

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