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On March 5th we were in the mall when we spotted the Easter Bunny. Tyler wanted his picture taken, and we have him and Samantha as babies with the Easter Bunny as well, so Drew got his chance as well.

The Easter Bunny

Samantha, Drew, and Tyler with the Easter Bunny.

Easter morning was pretty uneventful at home. The kids saw their baskets, found the eggs, and then it was time to move on to Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Gail's house.

Easter at Home

Here is a picture of all of our Easter baskets.

After dinner at Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Gail's house, the kids searched the house for the eggs and their Easter baskets. After that was complete, the kids made us re-hide the eggs outside for them to find.

Easter at Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Gail's

Tyler picking an egg up. Sam and Adam continuing their search.
Adam, Tyler, and Sammy looking for more eggs in the flowerbed.

Once all of the eggs were found we loaded up and headed to Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry's house for another meal and another egg hunt.

Easter at Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry's

Sam, Donovan, and Tyler waiting to go look for eggs. Sam, Donovan, and Tyler (who had to show off his sweater) once again.
Sam and Tyler being "basketheads" while Donovan looks at them wearily.
Sam picking up an egg. Marissa with Grandpa Gary.
Tyler between eggs. Donovan getting an egg.
Sam looking for more. Tyler putting another egg in his basket.
Tyler checking out all of his eggs with Grandpa Gary. Donovan getting an egg off of the table.
Tyler playing with the car from his Easter basket. Sammy showing off her jump rope for outside.
Sam trying out her hula-hoop while Tara checks her out.


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