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Tyler has started his T-Ball games after a few practices. His first game was supposed to occur on May 14th, but after having his team picture taken the rains came and the game was canceled. Here are the pictures of him and his team that we took.

Team Photos - May 14th, 2005

Taking Tyler's individual picture.
Taking Tyler's team photo.
Tyler's official baseball picture. Tyler's team photo (Tyler on bottom right).

Tyler's first game took place on May 16th. They are all allowed to bat, and then they switch teams. They play a total of three innings.

Game - May 16th, 2005

Tyler running to first base after batting. Tyler playing shortstop.
Tyler running the bases. Tyler standing on first base.

On June 1st, Tyler got his first chance to play catcher for his team.

Game - June 1st, 2005

Tyler going after a ball while playing catcher.

Since Samantha's birthday was on the sixth, I was allowed to take the day off and attend my first T-Ball game. I got to see Tyler make some nice hits and do well in the field.

Game - June 6th, 2006

Tyler running to first after a hit. Tyler on first base watching another batter.
Tyler playing in the field.

The last game for the season...

Game - June 20th, 2006

Tyler starting to run home. Tyler getting ready to bat.
Tyler on first base. Tyler on second base.


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