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Tyler wanted to have a birthday party with his friends, including those from school. Because his birthday fell on a busy weekend, we delayed the party to make it easier to include his classmates. We held his party at Genesys Athletic Club (GAC), where the kids were given time to play in the gym for a while, as well as an hour of swimming in the pool. As the only adult to join them, I can vouch for the fact that an hour in a pool is more tiring than it sounds. Especially with as many as eight six year old kids. After the pool we went to the tennis lounge to have cake and open presents. Other than how tired I was, everything went well. The kids all enjoyed themselves, and we enjoyed watching them.

Tara, Tyler, and I would like to thank everyone who attended, as well as the parents for bringing them to share Tyler's special day.


All of the kids, and many of the adults, are under this parachute. Everyone is fleeing the parachute, with Tyler leading the way out.
The kids spent some time running around. Here Lindsey, Calvin, Quincy, and Haley can be seen.

GAC Pool

Tyler, Paige, Lindsey, and Max at the pool. Quincy swimming in the pool.
Lindsey swimming across the pool Tyler (left) from underwater.
Lindsey from underwater. Lindsey, Paige, and Haley in the pool.
Tyler jumping in near Lindsey. Paige under the water.
Max, Tyler, and Paige in the pool. Tyler in the pool.

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