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We had a busy day on the 16th of September, so we wound up attending the annual St. John's Applefest later in the evening than we had planned. We typically meet Jerry & Gail at this event, as they are volunteers, but our tardiness coincided with their break, so they were already home for the day. We took my nephew Donovan with us this year as well, and all three of the kids seemed to have a good time. Tyler is definitely outgrowing the kiddy rides, though.

St. John's Applefest

Donovan and Samantha on the motorcycles. Sam and Donovan going in circles.
Tyler coming out of the "Gravitron". Tara tried desperately to get us all in one picture. Here is Donovan, Sam, and Rodney.
Donovan, Drew, and Rodney this time. Donovan, Tyler, Sam, Drew, and Rodney.
Donovan, Tyler, Drew, and Rodney. Sam, Drew, and Rodney.
Tyler this time around. Tyler and Sam in the apple.
Donovan and Tyler climbing the bridge. Donovan coming down the slide.
Sam and Donovan in the trucks. Tyler and Drew in the trucks.
Drew and Tyler at the end of the ride. Tyler and Donovan on the carousel.
Sam, Rodney, and Drew on the carousel. Tyler and Donovan going around again.
Samantha, Tyler, and Donovan on a spinning ride by themselves.


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