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On July 29th we held a surprise retirement party for my father, who retired on June 30th after 42 years of service with GM. My sister Erica and her husband Dwayne hosted the party, which they planned along with my Mom, my wife Tara and myself. Aside from the 90+ heat, everything went well. Many friends and family members were able to attend, and Dad seemed truly surprised. We want to send out a big thank-you to everyone who was able to attend, and especially those who helped out in any way. Also, I apologize to anybody whose name is either missed or made a mistake on.

Gary's Retirement Party

Ethel, Mike, Michelle, Sara, and her baby. Peggy, Bob, Dale (his wife is seated with her back to the camera), and Roger.
Drew waiting for his Grandpa to arrive. Brittany's boyfriend Chris talking to Steve.
Richard hold Becky & Troy's son Nick while Marissa & Erica look on. Mom arriving with Dad (finally).
Erica taking Marissa back from Dad after she gave him a hug. Erica, Mike, and Dad talking.
Dad greeting John & Becky. Richard, Mark, and Liz talking to Gary.
Dick, Mark, Richard, Joe & Liz talking to Dad.
Gary & Terry talking to Bob, Nance, Dee, Krista, Danielle, & Marissa. Jody, Lois, Pam (with a grandchild), Ron, and Gary talking.
Sherry, Richard, Phyllis, Lois, Dale & Jody. Dale, Phyllis, Jody, Lois, Ron, and Gary.
Sherry and Richard. Gina & Chris greeting Connie.
Don, Janet, Sharon, and Sherry. Gary, Stan, and John talking.

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