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We woke up early on Saturday, October 14th with the intention of going to Samantha & Tyler's soccer games. Because of the snow, cold, and wind that we were receiving, the games wound up being canceled. That gave us the opportunity to squeeze in a trip that we had been trying to make for several weeks now. We decided to take advantage of the relatively free day by going to Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford. Although the weather was a little crisp, it wasn't enough to make any of us miserable. It had been ages since any of us had been there, and we really could have used some more time - we missed plenty of exhibits. The kids seemed interested in almost everything, but we tried to slip some rides in between other stuff to help keep them excited. As you can see from the pictures, we enjoyed ourselves today. 

Greenfield Village - October 14th, 2006

A Greenfield Village Omnibus - what I would call a horse-drawn bus. Tara (pushing Drew), Terry, Samantha, Tyler, & Gary (going to read a sign).
The plaque in front of the Ford Home. The living room of the Ford Home.
The stove described in the plaque for the Ford Home. This lady was making Saratoga Potatoes - what we now call potato chips.
The plaque describing Henry Ford's first workshop. The Quadricycle desbribed in the Bagley Avenue Workshop plaque.
A sign on the sign of a building. The plaque in front of the original Ford Motor Company building.
The fifteen millionth Model T produced. The view from our ride in a 1916 Model T.
The plaque for the Wright Cycle Shop. The front room of the Wright Cycle Shop.
A model of the plane used for the first manned, powered, heavier than air flight. A life-size mockup of a wing from the plane in the previous picture.
The exterior of the Wright Cycle Shop. The plaque for the Heinz House.
The exterior of the Heinz House.

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