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Tyler has started Second Grade this year, and this is Samantha's first year in Kindergarten. September 5th was the first day, and Tara drove them into school today since we had a late night (after the Labor Day Bridge Walk) and Sam was only scheduled for a short meet-and-greet session with the teacher. Both of the kids lucked out this year, getting the teachers that they wanted. Tyler has his Kindergarten teacher once again. Both of the kids also have friends in their classes as well, so that helped ease their nerves about starting the new year.

First Day of School - September 5th

Samantha & Tyler together waiting for school with their backpacks.
Tyler ready for his first day of Second Grade (with the exception of the remnants from his weekend earache).
Sam ready for her first day of school, Kindergarten. She goes three full days a week.


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