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For this soccer season we signed the kids up to play in Grand Blanc, mainly because all of their games occur on the weekends. Last year Tyler had games during the week, and this meant I could not attend. We also hoped that Samantha would be able to play with Donovan, but they were placed in different age groups.

Our first games occurred on September 9th. Both Tyler and Samantha played at the same time (of course) so Tara and I took turns watching each game. Since Sam actually was on the field first (the players rotate in, and Tyler sat first in his game), I have placed her pictures first here. Her team wore blue uniforms today, and she wears the number 1. I must point out that it was raining pretty hard for most of the games, so that is why there aren't many pictures.

Samantha's Soccer Game - September 9th

Samantha (on right) waiting to kick off. Sam either yelling in excitement or yawning in boredom.
Sam (on left) running to join in on the action. Sam running to the ball once again.
Sam kicking the ball during the game.

Tyler's game was at a field near Sam's, so we were able to switch games easily. His offensive end was at the opposite end of the field as where we were stationed, so I had a difficult time getting pictures. The next time that both kids have games at the same time, both Tara & I will be carrying a camera so that we don't miss any of the action. Tyler's team wore red today, and his number is 13.

Tyler's Soccer Game - September 9th

Tyler waiting for action while on defense. Tyler leading the charge on offense.

Donovan also had a soccer game today, and it started shortly after Tyler & Sam's ended. By the time his game started the rain had let up, so we stayed to watch him play. Here are some pictures from his game, with his team in blue.

Donovan's Soccer Game - September 9th

Donovan (center) getting ready to kick off. Donovan throwing the ball in from the corner.
Donovan running towards the net. Donovan and a teammate running down the ball.

Samantha had her second game already on September 10th. The weather was cooler, but at least it wasn't raining. Her team wore red today.

Samantha's Soccer Game - September 10th

Samantha (center) running to the ball. Sam (far left) chasing down an opponent.
Sam (#1) throwing the ball inbounds. Sam (center) chasing after the ball.

Tyler was the only one with a game on Saturday the 16th, as Samantha's coach went to Indiana to watch the Michigan-Notre Dame game (Go Blue!). His team was in the blue jersey's today. Tyler even got to play in the net today, without allowing any goals!

Tyler's Soccer Game - September 16th

Tyler (#13) waiting for the kickoff. Tyler checking out the goalkeepers uniform.
Tyler watching the action as his team has the ball.

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