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March 8th, 1997 to April 23rd, 2006

On April 23rd, 2006, we said goodbye to our family's most trusted companion. She had been with us since March 8th, 1997. Although our time together was relatively short, she was all that we could ever ask for in a pet. We miss her to this day.


Tahoe sleeping shortly after we got her. Tahoe napping on Rodney's chest.
Another picture of Tahoe sleeping, on the floor this time. When Tahoe was younger (and smaller) she would hang out under our rocking chair.
Tahoe chewing on Rodney. Tahoe walking in our back yard.
Tara and Tahoe taking a nap together. Tahoe watching us pack our bags.
Tahoe sprawled out on the floor. Another picture of her laying on our couch.


Tahoe laying with Rodney on the couch again. Tahoe laying on the floor. Notice her green cast and purple IV bandage. She did really good and didn't chew on either.
A close-up of her cast and shaved leg. Tahoe laying on the couch. Notice the cast on top of her head.
In 1998 Tahoe had a complication with her knee where he kneecap would pop out of place. She had surgery to correct that, and these pictures are from that milestone.

Unknown Year (Sometime between '98 & '03)

Tahoe laying on our deck. Tahoe eating a rawhide bone off of Rodney's back.


Here Tahoe is outside after a snowstorm. Tahoe laying on the carpet inside.
Tahoe standing in our bare grass. Tyler hugging Tahoe.
As a puppy we allowed a bad habit to develop, as Tahoe never did learn to stay off the couches.


Another picture of Tahoe on the couch, this time laying on her back.


Samantha, Tyler, & Tahoe. Tahoe, Sam, Tyler, & Drew.
Another picture of Tahoe, Sam, Tyler, & Drew.
These pictures were taken just four days before Tahoe passed. We knew she wasn't doing well, and I was getting ready to take her to the vet. We weren't sure if she would be coming home or not, so we decided to take some family pictures of our kids.


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