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The official start of the Tee-Ball season kicked off on May 6th. The league held a parade downtown, which was followed up by pictures. Due to the utter chaos surrounding the event, our picture opportunity got postponed to a later date. We did manage to take a few of our own, however.

Parade & Team Photo Day - May 6th

The kids in the parade - Sam is pointing at the camera, and Tyler is #9. Tyler and Samantha together at the ball fields.
Another picture of the kids together. Tyler wanted a picture of their numbers, so here it is.

Tyler & Sam's first game took place on May 8th. They are all allowed to bat, and then they switch teams. They play a total of three innings.

Tee Ball Game - May 8th

Tyler playing shortstop. Tyler getting batting instruction.
Samantha taking a swing. Sam running to first base.
Tyler running into third base. Sammy on third base ready to run.
Sam having a discussion at the mound.

Tee Ball Game - May 22nd

Tyler playing catcher for an inning. Samantha talking to the coach at third.
Sam standing on third base. Tyler running towards home.
Sam standing on home plate after scoring.

Tee Ball Game - May 31st

Tyler running to first base. Tyler showing off his home-run swing.
Samantha ready to bat. Sam playing first base.

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