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You can thank Jerry & Gail for this page. If they hadn't bought the excellent book "Marley & Me" by John Grogan (autographed, no less) before Tahoe passed and given it to Tara for her birthday, we wouldn't be in this situation so soon. Neither one of us thought that the book would affect us so much, but it really made us realize how much of an important part of our family Tahoe had really been. We also I decided that our house hasn't been the same since her passing in April.

After a lot of searching and research, we finally found the dog of our dreams (well, my dreams anyway) in Tinkerbell. Although I preferred to name her Francis, I couldn't convince the kids to let me change it to that. Besides, with our family's Disney infatuation, Tinkerbell seemed like fate to us.

Tinkerbell is an AKC English Bulldog. She was born on June 12th, and mere 6 days after Samantha's birthday. We picked her up on August 20th, and we hope she is a member of our family for a long time.


Tinkerbell curious about the camera. Tinkerbell playing with a sock.
Tinkerbell playing with a squeaky dog (originally Tahoe's Christmas gift). Samantha holding Tinkerbell, with Tara looking on while doing laundry.


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