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We celebrated Tyler's seventh birthday (can you believe it!) with our family on August 13th this year. Please enjoy the pictures of that event.

Tyler's Birthday Cake

Here is Tyler with his cake prior to eating dinner. A close-up of Tyler's "Cars" birthday cake.

After eating dinner, we proceeded with the most important part of any kids birthday party, the gifts...

Tyler's Presents

Tyler opening a movie and a monster truck from Dwayne, Erica, Donovan, & Marissa.
Tyler opening "Remember The Titans" from Samantha. Tyler getting ready to open his gift from his Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry.
Tyler with his new Impala model car. Tyler opening a new speedometer for his bike from his Dad & Mom.
Tyler opening a new light for his bike, again from his parents. Tyler reading a card from his Great-Grandma Parrott & Uncle Steve.
Tyler with the present from his Great-Grandma Parrott & Uncle Steve. Tyler getting ready to read another card.
Tyler opening a magic set from his Grandpa Hardy. Tara watching Drew rock in his rocking chair.
Great-Grandma Parrott, Grandpa Gary, and Uncle Steve watching Tyler open presents. Tyler opening his present from Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail.
Tyler after realizing that his new present was a "Razor" scooter. Grandma Gail & Tyler opening his new scooter.
Tyler with his new bike, which was an early present from his Dad & Mom.

After letting dinner settle in and the kids play with the new toys, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Tyler before eating cake and ice cream.

"Happy Birthday to you..."

Tyler with his cake, as everyone sings to him.
A close-up of the cake before Tyler blew out the candles.


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