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Soccer has once again resumed. This is a continuation of the session from last fall, so the setup is the same. The kids get a half hour of instruction, followed by a half hour long game.

Tyler at Soccer - April 29th

Drew rolling the ball to me. Tyler kicking the ball during practice.
Tyler (right) trying to get the ball from the blue team. Tyler getting ready to kick off after a goal.

Another game later in the season...

Tyler at Soccer - May 30th

Tyler hustling back on defense. Tyler taking a kick at the ball.

This game got interrupted slightly by a rainfall, which also interrupted the work on our roof for a while.

Tyler at Soccer - June 3rd

Tyler standing near his goal. Tyler waiting for action on defense.
Tyler running after a play. Tyler trying to kick the ball.

June 10th was their final soccer game for the season. Tyler has decided that he no longer wants to play soccer, as it and baseball has too much of an overlap in the spring, so this was his last game.

Tyler at Soccer - June 10th

Tyler running near the action. Tyler getting ready for the game to resume.
Tyler posing with his trophy. Tyler along with his teamates.


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