Donovan & Marissa Visit

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    On April 6th, Donovan and Marissa came to play with the kids while their school was beginning Spring Break. These pictures were taken so that my parents could see the kids since they have been gone for a while now.

The Grandkids

Marissa at the dining room table. Samantha in the living room.
Donovan in the living room. Tyler in his Mickey Mouse shirt.
Tyler, Donovan, Marissa, and Sam sitting on the love seat.

    These pictures aren't related to Donovan and Marissa's visit, but they occurred on the same day and I didn't really have any place to post them, so here they are... Although there wasn't much accumulation over the last few days, the roads have been pretty slick, with lots of cars in ditches all over the place over the last week or so.

April 6th Snow

This is the Target parking lot at night. A picture of the sky during the snowfall.


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