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    I managed to take some pictures of the kids Easter baskets before they tore into them...

Easter Baskets

All four of the kids Easter baskets arranged on the table.
Tyler's basket - complete with a Tigers hat and t-shirt. Samantha basket - with her new t-ball helmet, ball, and equipment bag.
Jayden's basket - with her new Baby Einstein DVD. Drew's basket - including his brand new "scoot" (his term for a scooter).

    We went to Jerry & Gail's house for dinner, and the kids also participated in an Easter egg hunt. Here are a few of the pictures I managed to take of the kids running around...

Easter Sunday

Drew found these sunglasses when we walked in the door. Lilly didn't seem too happy to have me taking her picture.
Jayden got her first try in an entertainer. Drew running around during the egg hunt for the little kids.
Drew and Lilly looking for more eggs. Samantha, Adam, and Tyler getting ready to go on their hunt.
Adam, Tyler, and Lilly running through the house. Lilly and Drew together by the front door.
Drew, Lilly, and Jayden playing together and amusing themselves.


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