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    The kids had the day off on Friday for a teacher in-service day, and they decided that they would try to make some money while they were home. They gathered up all of the pumpkins that grew in our yard this year and took them to the road, along with some peppers from our garden, to try and sell. They did have one person stop, but for some reason Tyler sold them a pumpkin for a nickel. Hopefully they will try again and have some better luck...

    Update (10-14-07): The kids tried once again to sell some pumpkins, and we want to give a special thank-you to our neighbor Bev for stopping by and helping the kids out by buying some pumpkins, as well as some peppers.

Our Entrepreneurs

Tyler and Samantha at their pumpkin & pepper stand.
Tyler, Sam, and Drew trying to sell their wares.
The price list sign. Sam sitting in front of their advertising sign.


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