Samantha's Stitches

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    I came home from work on Tuesday, August 7th to find Tyler and Samantha awake together in Tyler's bed. I told the kids it was time to get some rest, since it was after 11:00pm already. I headed to bed myself, and was awoken around midnight by a loud thud, which I assumed was either Drew or one of the older two falling out of bed. Since Tyler and Sam were in the top bunk, I rushed in to check on them. I was greeted by Sam at the door with her face covered in blood, as well as a mouthful of it. I got her cleaned up in the sink and Tara out of bed, and then we headed out to the emergency room (after calling the neighbor to watch the other three kids). Sam ended up with three stitches, and probably a scar to remember this by.

    After sorting everything out later, the story goes as follows: After I left the room, Tyler must have fallen asleep, but Sam apparently couldn't get comfortable (I don't blame her - they are both bed hogs, and the two of them in a twin bed would get crowded quickly). She couldn't get to the ladder without stepping on Tyler, so she decided to jump down to her bed, which is in the boys room because Jayden had been waking her up in the middle of the night. The only problem was that she bounced off of her bed and hit her head on the rocking chair that was next to the bed, splitting her head open. Tara was fairly certain the gash went clear down to the skull, although I wouldn't guarantee that. It was certainly a deep cut (and gross, to boot).

    The pictures below are from a few days after the exciting event.

Samantha's Stitches

Here are a couple of pictures of Sam after getting stitches in her forehead.


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