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    On Friday, August 24th, the area around our home was hit by a couple of tornados. The majority of the damage was in Fenton, which is East from our house and the hometown of Tara's parents. The most amazing thing about everything that happened was that nobody was hurt. We also had a tornado touch down in Holly. Both towns lost power, and it took several days to get it restored. Enough with my words, I'll let the pictures tell the story...

Tornado in Holly

I know it is hard to tell, but the tree that is snapped off in the background (on the right) is laying directly on a house. A few downed trees and limbs in an empty lot along Saginaw Street.
More downed limbs near Ganshaw Park. More limbs down.
This is just before the house where the tree fell on it. When I came home from work on Friday night, this entire road was closed. On our drive through to get pictures on Saturday, Tara and I still saw downed power lines that were being worked on.

    Later on Saturday Tara and the kids drove through Fenton to observe the damage. Here are a few of her pictures.

Tornado in Fenton

Bennett Lake Road, in front of Jerry & Gail's subdivision. Jerry & Gail's back yard.
Another picture outside of Jerry & Gail's subdivision. These downed pine trees are behind Jerry & Gail's house.
More of Jerry & Gail's neighbors on Whittaker Road.
The brand new TSC store that opened up along US-23 and Owen Road.
A couple more pictures of the TSC. The wall and roof came down, and I heard that the building has been condemned already.
A couple of streets near the old Fenton fire department. The Mill Pond/Gazebo area.
A downed tree. More downed trees along the Shiawasee River.

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