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    My cousins Danielle & Dayna graduated from high school recently and we attended their open house. Although we were late getting to the hall where they held the actual open house part of the day, we did manage to get to their house afterwards, where the party continued. I didn't get any actual pictures of the girls, but I did manage to get a lot of pictures of the kids playing in the various activities provided for them. Congratulations to Danielle & Dayna, and enjoy the pictures!

Danielle & Dayna's Open House

Donovan, Tyler, Marissa, and Samantha in the bounce house at Don & Karen's. Sam, Tyler (diving), Marissa, and Donovan again.
Tyler, Donovan, Marissa, and Sam. Sam and Donovan.
Sam bouncing around. Donovan on the volleyball court.
Tyler after hitting the ball towards Donovan. Marissa and Sam back in the bounce house once again.
Marissa bouncing around again. Drew enjoying his turn on the swing.
Tyler jumping off of the swing. Drew on the swing once again.


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