Tyler's First Communion

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    Tyler celebrated his First Communion on June 9th at St. Rita's Church. There isn't much of a story to tell, but he did very well for his first time.

    Also occurring on the same day was Jayden's Baptism, and those pictures can be found here. After church we also held a combination gathering for Jayden & Tyler's big days, as well as a birthday party for Sam with the family. Those pictures can be found here.

Tyler's First Communion

Father Dave introduced Tyler to the congregation.
Tyler taking his first bread and wine from Father Dave.
Rodney, Tyler, & Tara. Tyler, Jayden, Rodney, Samantha, Tara, & Drew (crouching, but smiling!).
Father Dave, Tyler, Jayden, Rodney, Samantha, Tara, & Drew (a bit cranky). Tyler with his cousin Adam, both dressed up for church.
Tyler & Samantha making us proud. Tyler and Sam together with their cakes (Sam's consisted of a bunch of cupcakes, but we only got a couple out).
Steve, Great-Grandma, Gil & Lillie watching Tyler open presents. Jerry, Gary, & Donovan watching Tyler with his gifts.
Tyler reading a card. Tyler setting down his new watch.
Tyler reading another card. Tyler holding the rosary he got from his Great-Grandma & Steve.
Tyler with the rosary he got from Jerry & Gail. Tyler with another necklace that Jerry & Gail gave him.
Tyler with a another set of cards.
Gail, Jayden, Noell, & Great-Grandpa watching the gift opening. Tyler with the figurine he got from Dwayne, Erica, Donovan, & Marissa.


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