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    We went to the annual Diehl's Ciderfest on Saturday, September 27th. We met up with my parents, who were watching Donovan and Marissa for a while in the afternoon. We wandered around the craft show for a while, then let the kids play around on the piles of hay and the playground equipment. We eventually headed inside for freshly made donuts and cider, as well as to buy some apples for pies. The kids definitely enjoyed themselves here.

Diehl's Orchard's Ciderfest

Samantha jumping between bales of hay, while Tyler is looking down in the middle at Donovan. Tyler and Sam jumping around on top of the hay once again.
Donovan and Tyler posing together on the hay. Jayden walking to the slide.
Drew climbing up the stairs. Jay coming down the slide.
Drew at the bottom of the spiral slide. Jay watching Drew come down the slide.


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