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    To cap off our weekend of activities (after a soccer game, a flag football game, a tackle football game, and a wedding reception on Saturday) we managed to make it to the St. John's Applefest on Sunday, September 20th . As always, we met up with Jerry & Gail to enjoy the festivities. The kids started out having their faces painted before moving on to pony rides and then carnival rides. The ride selection was different this year than in the past few years, and a couple of the kids favorites were not there - that caused a little disappointment. Overall, however, fun was had by all.


Drew was the first to have his face painted, opting for the block 'M' from the University of Michigan.

Since Drew finished the face painting first, he got to take some turns on the inflatable slide. Jay was just a little too young to make it up the back herself, so she didn't get a turn this year.

Drew climbing up to the top to start sliding down.

Drew after sliding down the slide one more time.

Tyler chose the same block 'M' as Drew, but had a different artist interpret it. As you can see, they clearly aren't the same.

Samantha chose to have her face painted like that of a dog.

Jayden got a heart with wings on it. She didn't want hers on her face, so she opted for her arm.

Jayden and Drew got to ride the pony's first. Here is Jayden on her first go-round.

Drew riding the pony.

Jay on the pony once again.

Another picture of Drew riding a pony.

Jayden liked riding the pony's, as you can tell by her smile. Drew is riding the pony right behind Jay's.

Drew telling us about riding the pony after his turn was completed.

Sam got a turn on the pony's as well.

Although she thought it was fun, she may be outgrowing the "pony-ride" phase.

Tyler also rode on a pony.

Tyler relaxing on his pony ride.

Sam and Tyler got to play this coin game, thanks to Papa Jerry.

Sam and Tyler rode this spinning ride together. Although they didn't panic, it certainly wasn't their favorite ride of the day.

Tyler's face says it all, doesn't it? On a positive note, the wind keeps his hair out of his face!

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