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    The third day of the basketball clinic was similar to the first two days, although the kids are gradually being moved closer to playing in a scrimmage style game (the boys did do a few 3-on-3 and 5-on-5 drills today). For warm ups the kids participated in dribbling exorcises; they also played the "shark tank" game and the "lightning" game again . As is the case for all of the clinic sessions, Sam's group practices first, followed by Tyler's group. There is no session next week thanks to the holiday weekend.

Basketball Clinic - November 21st

Samantha working on dribbling the basketball between her legs.

Sam dribbling the ball during a game of "shark tank."

Sam standing around waiting for her turn during another drill. Notice the blue-green highlights in her hair.

Sam shooting a basket during a game of "lightning." She ended up in second place (meaning she was the last girl to knocked out) during the first game they played.

Sam shooting another shot during the "lightning" game. She got knocked out of the second game early, but only because another girl kept shooting after she had already made a basket and knocked another girl out of the game. In other words, Sam got cheated.

Tyler working on his between the legs dribbling.

Tyler, uh, dribbling during the boys "shark tank" game. Way to carry the ball, son!

Tyler shooting a shot during a game of "lightning." He stayed around quite a while during both of the games the boys played, but not quite long enough to make it to the finale.

Tyler getting ready to steal a pass during the 5-on-5 drills.


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