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    On Friday, February 20th, Tara's Mom took Samantha, her cousin Marissa, and her other cousin Veronica to her house for a "Girl's night". To provide the boys with some excitement while the girls were gone, Tara & I took Tyler, his cousin Donovan, Drew, and Jayden to the local bowling alley for some "cosmic" bowling. All of us had fun, even if we didn't bowl particularly well! There were a few strikes thrown, but also a few gutter balls. We dined on pizza & breadsticks, but weren't really thrilled with either of them so we also had a basket of fries. When our time on the lanes were up, I think we were ready to call it a night. Perhaps we will go back once again at another date...

Cosmic Bowling

Tara started off the picture taking with this one of Rodney after a particularly bad throw.

Donovan sending the ball down the lane.

Drew watching his ball go down the lane while pulling his ramp out of the way.

Tara trying to add some body-english to her throw.

Tara watching Tyler throw the ball down the lane.

Tyler watching Tara take her turn.

Donovan with another throw.

Donovan celebrating either a spare or a strike.

Tyler with another toss down the lane.

Donovan preparing to throw another ball at the pins.

Donovan and Tara watching their balls roll down the lanes.

Jay was proud of the sticker that she got and stuck on her shirt.

Tyler rocking out!


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