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    The kids woke Tara & I up around 8:00am this morning, which shows some restraint on their part I suppose. I think that they were up earlier checking out their baskets and watching TV, but they didn't get anything out which I know had to be killing them. After we all managed to make it to the living room the kids emptied out their baskets, devouring a ton of candy in the process. With the baskets empty and the eggs found, we moved out to the kitchen to make breakfast (homemade waffles, pancakes, bacon, and sausage). As you can see from the pictures, everybody enjoyed themselves greatly!

Easter at Home

The Easter baskets as left by the Easter Bunny before being attacked by the kids. From the left are Jayden's, Drew's, Tyler's, and Samantha's baskets with Rodney & Tara's new Crocs loaded up with candy too.

Tara watching Tyler, Sam, and Drew dig stuff out of their baskets.

Another picture of the family on Easter morning, this time with Jayden joining in.

Drew with his basket. New Crocs from Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry, as well as new Cars toys, a bubble machine, a coloring book, a Webkinz, the Bolt movie, and other toys and candy from the Easter Bunny.

Jayden with her new Crocs from Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry. Jay also got a coloring book and a bubble machine, in addition to an Elmo doll and the Pinocchio movie along with candy too.

Sammy showing off her new book from her Easter basket. Sam also got a new Webkinz, a wireless Playstation 2 controller, the Marley & Me movie, and her very own Pokémon Platinum game (no more fighting to borrow one of Tyler's), not to mention her fair share of candy as well.

Tyler showing off his copy of the Pokémon Platinum game (now he and Sam can battle each other). Tyler also got a wireless Playstation 2 controller, a Webkinz stuffed animal, a Harry Potter book, and the Bedtime Stories movie in addition to a bunch of candy.

    After we recovered from eating our breakfast, we got ourselves cleaned up to head over to Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail's house for dinner and an egg hunt. The egg hunt occurred after dinner with the big kids looking all over the back yard and the little ones searching in the front yard.

Easter at Jerry & Gail's House

Drew found an egg in the middle of this bush, but had quite a difficult time getting to it.

Jayden didn't have any difficulty getting this one off of the ground.

Drew also found an egg in outside the window. Good thing he was just tall enough to reach it!

Tyler was walking around looking for more eggs but was having a hard time finding them at this point.

Sam found an egg sitting on the deck, but was already looking around to find more.

Tyler found an egg in the leaves, but had a hard time getting it out of the wire around the garden.


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