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    Once again this year Tara & I took the kids to my sister's house to go trick-or-treating in her neighborhood (since in the 9+ years that we have lived in our house we have had a grand total of zero trick-or-treaters). We went there early to eat before starting our trek at 6:00pm. Dad, Erica, Tara, and I went out with the kids this year, while Mom & Dwayne stayed behind to hand out candy. We took a slightly longer route this year than we have in the past, and it showed in the amount of candy in the kid's baskets! I think the kids were also a little disappointed/relieved that the scary "haunted" house wasn't there this year. Here are a couple of the pictures from our walk.

Trick or treat! Smell my feet!

Donovan (a Trojan warrior), Jayden (Elmo), Samantha (a punk pirate), Tyler (Dirk Nowitzki), Drew (a storm trooper), and Marissa (a skela-rocker) in their costumes.

Jay in her Elmo costume. She was also called Grover and the Cookie Monster on more than one occasion. Yeah, 'cause they all look alike!

All six of the kids at one of the first houses that we passed.

The kids at the door of another nicely decorated house.

Sam and Tyler checking out their haul after another stop.

Grandpa Gary and Tara taking Jayden and Drew to another house.


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