Game 3

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    The girls had to be at the soccer field's this morning at 8:00am for team pictures and warm-ups, which seemed to make them a little sluggish when the game got underway at 9:00am. This wasn't evident immediately, as they quickly scored to open the game, but they couldn't seem to get anything going after that first goal. Samantha got to play goalie this morning, and unfortunately she let in her first goal of the season. That goal ended up being the winner for the other team, as the final score was a 2-1 loss for "The Lollipop Girls" (thank you Dell Computer for ruining that song - lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli-lolli lollipop). Another reminder - Sam wears #13 this year.

Game 3

Samantha trying to drive the ball to the net between two defenders.

Sam trying to take the ball away from the red team while playing defense.

Sam lined up next to her opponent to try and prevent her from getting the ball.

Sam trying to keep the other team from getting around her with the ball - without much help from her stationary teammate!

Another picture of Sam trying to get the ball away from the red team - the girls couldn't seem to maintain possession of the ball this morning.

Sam performing a sideline throw-in.

Sam running to try and catch up to the action.


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