Game 7

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    Thanks to the soccer postponement of last weeks normal game time, Samantha was only required to have two games in conflict this season. This was the second of those games, and once again Sammy missed the first quarter of her soccer game. Thankfully her absence made no difference in the outcome of today's game, as there were no goals scored before she arrived. She ended up sitting out the second quarter also, this time because she forgot her jersey at home (thank goodness her mother was nice enough to go and get it for her). Sam played the entire second half of the game - and it was her best half of soccer this season. She scored her first goal today, and just missed getting another. The second shot looked like it was heading in, but it hit the crossbar and bounced away. Her goal did end up being the game winner, and her team went on to win 4-1. Remember, Sam wears #13.

Game 7

Samantha walking around the field during a break in the action.

Sam trying to get to the ball before it goes out of bounds.

Sam trying to kick the ball away from an opponent and towards the goal.

Samantha chasing after the ball late in the game.


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