Game 6

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    Samantha's football team played a great game today, showing improvements in all aspects of their game to pull out their first win of the season, 26-18 (it was possibly their second win, depending on the real score of the "tie" game that I recorded earlier). Sam had the opportunity to run the football a few times today, and she also had another pass reception. She was also tackled just short of the end zone once again today, causing her to miss out on her first touchdown of the season. Overall she played a good game both offensively and defensively.

Game 6

Samantha celebrating a touchdown by her team.

Sam running the ball for a nice gain.

Sam moving at the start of a play.

Sam got to play center once again. Here she is hiking the ball to the quarterback.

Sam lined up for a defensive play.

Sammy and her teammate going up to block a pass.

Sam wasn't supposed to get the ball on this play, so she was trying to give it back to the quarterback.

Sam catching a pass during the game.


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