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    After checking the score from the last time we played this team and watching them during warm-ups I thought we had a sure fire win tonight. We just couldn't catch a break, however. We couldn't hit the ball at all, and when we did it went right at somebody who either caught the ball or threw out the runner. Just a bad night all around for the Cardinals. Tyler only got two at-bats, the innings went so quickly. He struck out his first time at bat, swinging at one pitch and then watching the next two go by. He looked more confident in his next at-bat, swinging hard and fouling off a couple of pitches before being walked.  The final result from all of this bad play was a 7-2 loss. The good news is that if they play hard in their last few games they still have a chance at a 0.500 record for the season. Not too bad considering the way the season started.

Game 12 @ Athletics

Tyler started in centerfield, and played there the entire game.

Tyler swinging and missing in his first at-bat. He wore his sunglasses during warm-ups and hit the ball well, so he stuck with it during the game. Whatever gives him the confidence he needs...

Tyler watching a ball bounce in to the catcher.

Tyler had a little dance move going whenever a good play was made by the Cardinals.

Tyler swinging at another pitch in his second at bat.

Tyler fouling off a pitch for strike two.

Ducking out of the way, Tyler avoided being hit by the pitch.

Tyler looked like he was ready to break out of his batting slump tonight.

Tyler got on first base with a walk, but couldn't advance any further before the inning ended.

Tyler in centerfield once again.


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