Game 6

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    I know, based on game numbers, that this game is way out of sequence. I opted to list them in the order that they were played in as opposed to how they were scheduled. Since we had a couple of rained out games things got a little out of whack with the schedule. That is how nature works in the beautiful weather state of Michigan, however.

    Tonight's game for the Cardinals started out rough and stayed that way throughout. The boys gave up 6 runs in the first inning, and that seamed to drain a lot out of them mentally. I imagine that after beating them the last time these two teams met that our team was expecting to win another close game. We didn't even get many opportunities to bat, the innings were over too quickly. Tyler only got up twice. He struck out in his first at-bat, but managed a walk in his second chance. He didn't get to score a run, however, as the inning ended shortly after he got on base. The end result wasn't pretty, a 13-3 loss to the likely first-place team in the league.

Game 6 @ Tigers

Tyler preparing to catch a pop fly during pregame warm-ups.

Tyler played right field throughout tonight's game.

Tyler swinging and missing in his first at-bat.

Tyler checking the action at home plate after his walk late in the game.


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