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    With plans by Dwayne & Erica to take Donovan and Marissa to Florida this year to join my Dad & Mom for the holiday break, our regularly scheduled family Christmas had to be moved up a week or so this year to accommodate their travel plans. That meant holding Christmas on Sunday, December 19th. Since Tara wasn't feeling the greatest (but not feeling ill) we decided to hold the gathering at our house as opposed to driving to my folks for the day (that and the fact that Dad and I were still trying to get the cornice board hung over the sliding doors before he left for the winter). Instead of doing something different for Christmas dinner, like turkey or something like that, we opted for the more traditional Mexican feast of tacos. After dinner we adjourned to the living room to exchange gifts. You'll notice that Donovan and Marissa didn't get as many from my parents, but there is a reason for that - they will be receiving the rest of theirs in the (hopefully) warm weather of sunny Florida. There really isn't too much to add, so enjoy the pictures!

    PS: Never mind the lights in the background of some of the pictures - they are out to help Dad and I see our markings on the wall as we hang the cornice board. You will see a picture of the unfinished cornice as you browse through the photos.

Christmas with the Peters Family

Grandma Terry and Tara watching as Tyler, Marissa, Drew, Jayden, Donovan, and Samantha all prepare to open their presents.

For the gifts from Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry we went youngest to oldest, and that meant that Jayden got to open the first gift...

...which turned out to be a pillow. No, it's a pet. Wait, it's a Pillow Pet!

Drew also got a Pillow Pet with his first opened gift.

Marissa opened up clothes with her first present. Here she is holding a pair of "skinny jeans" (although that seems like a bit of an oxymoron for her - all of her jeans are skinny!).

Tyler is checking out Marissa's new shirt, while she wraps herself in her jeans.

Donovan got a bottle of Axe for his first present.

Samantha opened up a "Tangled" calendar first.

Tyler also got a bottle of Axe with his first gift.

Jayden was back up, and she got doll accessories this time around (clothes, diapers - which she assured everyone were not for her - etc.).

Drew opened up a Christmas ornament - a 1964 Pontiac GTO.

Marissa also got a calendar - which she promptly offered to trade with Sam. After initially saying no, the two girls successfully completed a trade moments later.

Donovan opened his calendar up next - a WWE special. Now Donovan can look at half naked men for a full year!

Sam's next present was also clothes, a shirt like Marissa's and some jeans as well.

Tyler got a new pair of jeans and a shirt with his next present.

Jayden got excited when she got a sneak peak of her next present...

...which turned out to be a new "You & Me" baby doll.

Drew got the coolest calendar of them all, a "Toy Story 3" edition.

Here is Drew showing off his calendar.

Marissa was thrilled with her new nail polish pen thingamajiggy.

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