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    Tara was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go along with Drew's kindergarten class for a field trip to Mitchell's Farm on Thursday, October 14th. They went on a hay ride, got to pick out pumpkins, ate kettle corn, and had lots of time to play! Tara also chaperoned two boys from Drew's class, and all three of the boys had a great time. Since I wasn't there I don't really have much to comment on, but enjoy the pictures!

Mitchell's Farm Field Trip

Drew sitting with his classmates on the hay ride.

Drew talking over his pumpkin choices with his classmates.

Drew (in the green coat) sitting and listening to a demonstration from Farmer Mitchell.

Drew and some of his classmates enjoying some kettle corn.

Drew standing on some bales of hay waiting for his opportunity to go down the slide.

Another shot of Drew standing on the bales of hay.

Drew helping a classmate out with the swing.

Drew giving his classmate a push.

The donkey was happy to see us, unlike last time...

Drew and his classmates in another of the play areas.

Drew sliding down out of the barn.

Drew sitting on one of the "horses."

Drew and his classmates playing with the kernels of corn.

One of the kids from Drew's class was getting "buried" in the kernels of corn.

Drew posing as a little ghost.

Drew posing as a big ghost.

Drew posing as a witch.

Drew climbing to the top of the round hay bales with several of his classmates.

Drew's class, along with his teacher Mrs. O'Neil.


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