Lesson 6

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    On Saturday, May 2nd, Drew's sixth skating lesson focused on skating backwards and more of the heel to tow movements. I didn't attend this lesson, Tara took Drew instead. She seemed very happy with his progress so far, although sometimes I feel like it is taking longer than it should. I just need to remember that he has been on the ice for a around 6 hours in his entire life. He is retaining what they are teaching, and he seems to be catching on to new things quickly. When he came home and told me what he did, he said they did squiggles (that is his name for the heel to toe maneuver) and that they skated backwards - by shaking their butts! He thought that both of these explanations were hilarious - I say whatever it takes for him to learn and have fun!

Drew's Sixth Skating Lesson

Drew working with the teachers and another student, learning how to skate backwards.

Another shot of Drew trying to skate backwards.

Drew moved on to the heel to toe move later in the class.

Another shot of the heel to toe move, this time with it almost completed.


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