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    Samantha's last AYSO soccer game of the fall session, played on a very rainy Saturday, October 23rd, turned out to be the toughest game of the year for them. They played team #4, which they had previously beaten by scores of 15-0 and 9-1, in a close contest which consisted of three scoreless quarters. Sam's team scored three times in the second quarter, but that was the end of the excitement for both teams. Despite controlling the action for the vast majority of the game, they just couldn't seem to get the kicks that they needed at the right moment. It appeared to Tara & I that the girls were told not to be too aggressive and stay out of the goalie area, probably thanks in large part to the complaints by the opposition - but that is just speculation, of course. Sam had a pretty good game overall. She only got one quarter on offense (again), and although she didn't score she did get some good looks. She played goal in the second quarter, and only needed to make one save - and it was a nice one. The third quarter was spent playing defense, and she had to sit out the fourth quarter (the other team only had six players show up). I'm sure she would have rather not ended her season sitting on the bench, but I suppose somebody had to draw the short straw, and it was Sam today.

Game 8 - vs. #4

Samantha running towards the action while playing offense.

Another shot of Sam heading towards the ball.

Sam watching the action unfold in the rain.

Sam checking her ears (she had forgotten to take her earrings out earlier) while waiting for something to happen while playing in goal.

Sam making a nice save - her only action while in the net.

Another shot of Sam watching the action unfold down the field.

Sam trying to keep her wet jersey off of her.

Sam watching the action once again while playing defense.

Sam blocking an opponents path to the goal.


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