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    Due to some crazy busy weekends since Samantha's actual birthday, we were finally able to hold her "Friend's Birthday" party at Holly Lanes on Saturday, June 26th. Although she wasn't able to have everybody that she invited attend her party (one was sick, others were unavailable), the ones who were able to attend had a great time! In addition to Sam, her friends Hannah, Cassandra, and two different Shelby's were in attendance. Of course Tyler, Drew, and Jayden also had to go bowling with them as well (what could be better than a party with your friends than having your siblings tag along with you? Thankfully Sam seemed to take it all in stride - I suppose she is used to it by now). I suppose it didn't matter too much though, as the bowling alley was completely empty with the exception of the employees and the two lanes that our party was taking up. The juke box was all ours, and the kids could be as noisy as they wanted!

Samantha's 9th Birthday Party With Her Friends

Samantha, Shelby S. and Cassandra talking at the bowling Alley

Drew watching his ball roll down the lane.

Tyler trying to impress Hannah with his "gangsta" impression. She wasn't buying it at all.

Drew dragging the bowling ramp back to the end of the lane.

Samantha, Shelby C., Shelby S. and Cassandra dancing to Justin Bieber.

The girls spent a lot of time chatting in between bowling.

Samantha, Shelby S., Cassandra, Shelby C., and Hannah all talking and having a great time bowling.

Samantha and Shelby S. watching Cassandra bowl.

Shelby S. using the bowling ramp.

Shelby C. watching Shelby S. bowl.

The girls dancing to music in the lanes. They liked doing this because the lanes were slippery.

The group of girls bowling and cheering each other on.

Samantha with her birthday cake.

Another picture of Sam with her birthday cake.

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to Sammie.

Everyone clapping.

Shelby S. posing for the camera. She is such a funny girl.

Hannah watching the girls dance and act crazy!

Samantha holding her birthday "Pin". She was super excited to get this gift and have everyone who attended her party sign it.

The girls from the party signing the birthday bowling pin.

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