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    The Puma's (Samantha's indoor soccer team) played their third game of the season on Friday, November 12th. This game sort of reminded Tara & I of Sam's most recent AYSO soccer season. The girls scored early and often, and by the second half the coach had told them to work on their passing and try not to score. Sam even got her first goal of the season, netting a long kick on a breakaway. In the three games she has played with this team this season, she has scored one goal and missed on three other good opportunities. I think, for the most part, that she is holding her own with her teammates, who are much more experienced in the indoor game and are also used to working together. The goals came early and often for the whole team, resulting in the 9-0 score. Congrats girls on your first win - you've earned it!

Game 3 - vs. Fieldhouse Leopards

Samantha got her first start of the year during tonight's game.

Sam dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam performing a corner kick towards the goal.

Sammie waiting for the action to come to her.

Sam running towards the ball.

Sam kicking the ball out of her zone.


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