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    It is hard for me to believe, but my baby girl turned 9 on Sunday, June 6th! Where exactly does the time go? We celebrated Samantha's big day with a family party during the afternoon - she plans to have a couple of friends over later for a slumber party type event. Many thanks to everyone who was able to make it, and Sam says thank you for her wonderful presents!

Samantha's 9th Birthday Party

Samantha wanted makeup and accessories, so Tyler gave her this makeup bag...

...along with some suntan lotion, perfume, and other bathroom lotions.

Dwayne, Erica, Donovan, and Marissa gave Sam a nice bathing suit and cover-up - which is something that she has been asking for (sorry I missed the picture of it somehow... I thought I took one of each coming out of the bag?).

Sam is ready for the next present that Drew hands her while Marissa works at putting away the cards.

Drew and Marissa watching as Sammie opens her gift from her Dad & Mom. This one is a "teen magazine".

Sam wasn't too sure what was in the little bag, but was happy when she learned they were silly bands (rubber bracelets in various shapes - they are all the rage right now).

Sam's favorite present from her parents was this Justin Bieber CD. Apparently he is her generations 'New Kids on the Block'.

Sam had to force a smile when she saw her pink sliding shorts. She is refusing to slide for either baseball or softball next year, so these were meant to help. She still isn't thrilled.

Sam also got the new 'Alice in Wonderland' movie from her Dad & Mom.

Sammie got a card with $20 in it from her Great-Grandpa Hardy.

Drew and Marissa are listening intently while Sam reads her next card.

Sam was thrilled to be getting a cardboard box from Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail!

Grandpa Jerry & Grandma Gail gave her a couple of fashion design project books...

...and a new pair of shoes...

...and a water bottle...

...and a shirt...

...and pants, in addition to the outfit she was wearing and a pedicure.

Here is Sam getting ready to open her next gift, this one from Grandpa Gary and Grandma Terry.

They gave Sam a tank top with a knit scarf.

Sam wanted a better look at the tank top.

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