Tyler's Birthday

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    Since we hadn't yet figured out when to squeeze Tyler's birthday party in to everyone's busy schedules we decided to hold a little celebration after his football practice ended on his birthday. He made cupcakes to hand out at practice, but didn't follow the directions quite right and they had to be remade. Since the ones he made were still edible, we kept them around the house for the kids to eat. We decorated a few of them for Tyler and gave him some presents from us. His main present was the fishing pole, tackle box, and assorted lures that we bought him during our camping trip to Bay City, which he has already been using religiously since then.

Tyler's 11th Birthday

We didn't have any "1" candles, so we compromised. Here is Tyler with his "5 + 6 = 11" cupcakes.

Tyler showing off his age.

Tara is giving Samantha a taste of the extra frosting.

Tyler got a mouthful of frosting from Tara - it is his birthday, after all.

Tyler laughing about his mouthful of frosting, which he couldn't manage to eat all at once and wound up making a mess when he tried to wipe his mouth.

Jayden was patiently waiting for her turn with the frosting and to eat a cupcake.

Tyler posing with his cupcakes once again while everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to him.

Tyler opening one of his cards - Sam, Drew, and Jay each got him their own.

Tyler reading one of his cards.

Tyler giving Drew a thank-you hug after reading his "fart card".

Tyler reading another card.

Tyler reading yet another card.

Tyler showing off the card that Sam had given him earlier in the day, along with a bag of items that we had around the house.

Tyler showing off his new movie - "Diary of a Wimpy Kid".

Tyler holding his new set of Axe items.


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