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    Tyler's basketball team played their fifth game of the season at the Cage Fieldhouse on Tuesday, November 23rd, against the Runnin Rebels. Tyler got his first start of the season today, and started out strong, much like the rest of his teammates (for Tyler it must have been the full length red socks he was wearing!). Unfortunately the boys didn't keep their composure throughout the whole game, as things started to slip away from them late in the first half and into the second half. Unfortunately my camera batteries decided to die during the game (including the set that I had just fully charged the night before) so I don't have any pictures from the second half or of the scoreboard. Trust me when I say the 36-16 loss was as bad as it looks, as we just made too many mistakes to pull out a victory (or even a close loss) tonight.

Game 4 - at Runnin Rebels

Tyler looking for the open man while playing offense early in the game.

Tyler making a nice pass on a give and go play.

This kid had a sweet "Frohawk" hairdo.

Tyler's job was to box out the really tall kid standing next to him...

...which he did, even managing to secure the rebound!

Tyler being guarded while playing offense.

Tyler pulling down yet another rebound.


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