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    I do not have much to say about these games, as I was unable to attend any of the tournament games held on December 5th due to a prior commitment to work (ugh). If we had more than the 14 hours notice that we got for these games I may have been able to attend, but the fact of the matter is that we didn't find out about the whole tournament until after the game on Saturday, December 4th. I want to thank Tara for attempting to juggle taking pictures for me, sending me updates on the phone, and watching the other three kids all while the games were going on. Love you dear!

    Without further ado, here are the pictures from game 1...

Tournament Game 1

Tyler running to get into his defensive position.

Tyler coming out to stop the player with the ball.

The final score of game 1, a 36-13 loss.

    And game 2...

Tournament Game 2

Tyler running down the court.

Game 2 was at least a bit closer, although still a loss at 35-26.

    And finally game 3...

Tournament Game 3

Tyler lined up to rebound a free throw.

Tyler moving into position to grab a rebound.

Game 3 was no better, this time the score resulted in a 41-20 loss.


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